Air Fryer Ovenware Set (34, 51, and 68 oz) with FREE Oven Mitts

Our Flat Stacks Air Fryer Ovenware Set consists of 3 varied sizes and is heat-proof, collapsible, and space-saving. These containers are perfect for your Oven and Air Fryer!

Ideal for chicken nuggets, fish, fries, baby potatoes, small casseroles, etc. You can easily pop them in the air fryer to cook your favorite dishes, plus they make the air fryer super easy to clean! You can also use them in the oven, of course, and to store your leftovers as they easily pop back into the fridge.

The different sizes are also perfect for packed lunches, on-the-go meal packs, and storing food to keep ingredients fresh for picnics and weekend outings.

The total value of this bundle is $125.

Air Fryer Signature Ovenware Set includes:

  1. Rectangle 67.63 oz | 9.84 x 6.69 x 3.54 in | collapses to 1.18 in
  2. Rectangle 50.72 oz | 9.06 x 6.30 x 3.54 in | collapses to 1.18 in
  3. Rectangle 33.81 oz | 7.87 x 5.51 x 3.54 in | collapses to 1.18 in
  4. FREE Oven Mitts (valued at $20)

Flat Stacks Ovenware is designed for use in Airfryers and the Oven only, and is not intended for use in the microwave or over open flames. 

Customer Reviews

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Di Mathews

Air Fryer Ovenware Set (1L, 1.5L & 2L) with FREE Oven Mitts

Lesley Armener

Love all the different sizes that are available . I have to say that I definitely do not like the oven mitts at all even though they were free .


I live these. Would recommend


They are great


Excellent products

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