Flat Stacks USA | About Us

Hello! We're Flat Stacks USA and are part of the Ocean Sales Group of Companies - a proud, small family business since 1983.

Our USA warehouse, where we process orders and ship from, is located in Washington State. We also have a head office located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, as well as other warehouse locations across the nation.

Many, many years ago we became close friends with Julie, the founder of the Original Flat Stacks (well before they came on the market in Australia and the UK). When Julie introduced us to Flat Stacks a few years back, we just knew this quality innovative product would benefit so many households in North America as well -- this is where we came in! 

Join the tens of thousands of satisfied customers who rave about their Flat Stacks, just like Julie and so many of our team. In fact, here's what she has to say about Flat Stacks and much more:

 "Hi, I'm Julie, mother of 3 beautiful children and founder of Flat Stacks.

Home is really important to me, it’s the bedrock of our family where we come together to share those special moments, many of which centre on the kitchen and family meals.

And as my kids will tell you, when my home is disorganised, cluttered or messy I feel stressed out, anxious and irritated and that doesn’t create the most harmonious and loving atmosphere.

However, when my home is clean and organised I feel a sense of accomplishment, pride and peace. I feel like I have everything under control and can just relax and enjoy the moment.

So when I spotted these bright, colourful, collapsible containers that I’d never seen before I got really excited. I thought; imagine how much I can de-clutter and organise my home and all the space I’m going to save!

On top of that, it was not long after I had started having quite serious back pain. So the fact that I was no loner going to have to be hunched over rummaging through that old plastic container cupboard trying to find a matching lid and container was a lifesaver. And being made of silicone meant they were much longer lasting than my plastic containers saving money on replacements and helping the environment. I was hooked!

So I bought some samples home with me and spent the next twelve months testing them in my own home and improving the design and the materials ready to bring them to your home.

Launching in 2014, not only are we the original collapsible silicone containers, but the result of all the testing and our on-going commitment to improvement and innovation gives me complete confidence that we still have the best quality available. We use 100% silicone (no fillers) that is thicker and stronger and we recently improved the design of our lids to make them stronger, longer lasting and far less likely to lose their shape than our competitors.

We’re a family business and making your life easier and less stressful is at the core of everything we do from our products to the shopping experience on our website, delivery and after-sale support. We treat you the way we like to be treated.

I truly love Flat Stacks and use them every-day and I hope that you and your family get as much benefit from them as mine do" - Julie